"WOZA" Zulu imperative, meaning “come on.” Pronounced WHOA-zah. Our meaning and vision is in our definition. It’s a call to action, a word of encouragement. It’s used to get someone or something going.
And, with our coffee, that’s exactly what we aim to do.


Specialising in fully traceable green beans, we focus on producing coffees that are more balanced than an Olympian’s diet. These well-rounded beauties are specifically selected for their versatility, guaranteeing a full- bodied flavour that could make the sun shine on the dark side of the moon.
Watch this space, as we’re continually on the hunt for new and exciting beans to make our beautifully balanced coffees.


Like an over-excited dad on the side of a soccer pitch, we want our beans to perform. But with the patience of a first-time snake charmer, we make sure their potential is carefully coaxed until their precious flavour profiles blossom into coffee with real talent.


If you’d like to buy some WOZA, submit your requirements below and we’ll email you an invoice with EFT payment instructions within 24 hrs. Prices: R55 / 250gram bag R200 / 1kg bag