We don't just 
sell coffee. 
We sell bags of encouragement.

The Woza Coffee School is a charitable trust that not only trains the youth in South African townships to become baristas, but connects them to their first job.



We are a charitable trust that aims to up-skill, train and find work for the unemployed youth in townships across 
South Africa. 

Our Focus

We train these unemployed youth to become professional baristas, help place them at a network of different coffee shops & businesses and facilitate the journey for those showing entrepreneurial spirit into owning and running their own modular coffee businesses.

Barista Training

Our barista course gives our 
students access to both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for making and serving 
specialty coffee. 

Job Placement

Through our own "Woza Wagons" and a network of coffee shops and brands we have relationship with, we help our coffee school graduates get job shadowing experience, which often leads to full-time employment.

Enterprise Development

Baristas who show entrepreneurial spirit and have completed the course will be mentored and trained into running their own Woza Wagons.

Take Action

Volunteer your energy, talents and resources to bring inspiration and hope to those who need it. 

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